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"Santa's Coming!" Series of Santa Cards by - Business Greetings and Christmas Cards - for Social and Personal Joy!

Americards Holiday Greeting cards and Business Christmas cards are designed to spread Holiday tradition and joy, to build relationships, friendships with your employees, customers and business associates. Choose from our collection of Business Holiday cards and Christmas greeting cards to show how much you care.

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Christmas Card #01 - Yosemite Valley
Santa flies Over Yosemite Valley and Half-dome on a moonlit night

Christmas Card #02 - Santa Golden Gate
Santa flies over the Golden Gate Bridge viewing the San Francisco Bay in the fog at sunrise

Christmas Card #03 - Old Growth California Redwoods
Santa visits old growth California Redwoods while reindeer sleighing in the Avenue of the Giants.

Christmas Card #04 - Pioneer Santa in the Desert
Cowboy pioneer Santa crosses the southwest Desert in a chuck wagon with his donkey mule team

Christmas Card #05 - Lone Cypress - Carmel
Santa sails past the Lone Cypress in Carmel and Monterey over Pacific Ocean beaches.

Christmas Card #06 - Cable Car
Teamster Santa Drives a Cable Car from the San Francisco waterfront past the Historic Coffee House cafe’

Christmas Card #07 - Ballooning in the Wine Country
Santa Goes hot air ballooning in the Wine Country wishing Happy Holidays to Wine Makers viewing the Arora Borealis

Christmas Card #08 - Sailing Santa
Sailing Santa enjoys a full moon bay cruise in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Americas Cup 2013

Christmas Card #09 - Barrel Sledding in the Wine Country
Santa Goes Barrel Sledding in the Wine Country of Napa and Sonoma

Christmas Card #10 - San Francisco - Hyde Street
Santa rides a cable car on San Francisco’s Hyde Street leaving Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory and Fisherman's Wharf

Christmas Card #11 - Giant Sequoias
Santa Sleds in the Giant Sequoias, the home of the world’s Oldest Living Tree

Christmas Card #12 - Santa at the White House
Santa Visits the White House and President Clinton for a Jazz Jam session while Socks the Cat prowls outside

Christmas Card #13 - Santa at the Capitol
Santa visits the Capitol in his sleigh with season’s greetings during a full moon in the frost and snow

Christmas Card #14 - Santa Over New York (yr 2000)
Santa Flies Over NY, New York, the way it was in 2000. Depicting the Manhattan skyline, this is a collector’s card

Christmas Card #15 - Stage Coach & the Wild West in Reno, Nevada
Santa Visits Reno on a stagecoach in the Wild West

Christmas Card #16 - Lake Tahoe Paddle Wheel Boat
Captain Santa Takes a Lake Tahoe Cruise on a Mississippi steam boat paddle wheeler

Christmas Card #17 - Surfing Florida, Hawaii Beaches, Mavericks Wave
Surfer Santa Goes Surfing on the BIG ONE, the maverick Northern California wave

Christmas Card #18< - Wine Tasting in Champagne Cellar, Cave
Connoisseur Santa in the vintners champagne cellar testing the "bubbly"

Christmas Card #19 - Wine Cellar
Wine cellar Emeritus Master Santa Visits a vintage barrel aging cave

Christmas Card #20 - Wine Country, Classic Balloon, Harvest Time
Santa Goes Hot Air Balooning in a historic hand painted balloon in the Wine Country

Christmas Card #21 - Space Santa, NASA, Universe Mission
NASA Santa Visits Space and sends world wide season’s greeting’s with gifts floating over the planet

Christmas Card #22 - Golfing in Space - Black Hole
NASA Santa goes golfing in the Universe and scores a Black Hole in one

Christmas Card #23 - San Francisco 2000,California Golden Gate Bridge
On a diet, sexy Santa goes sledding during a full moon by the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Christmas Card #24 - Utopia
Santa rides reindeer in Utopia on a mountain during Sochi Olympics in 2014

Christmas Card #25 - Santa Oil Pad
Oilman Santa drilling and capping oil wells in Texas, Oklahoma and Canada

Christmas Card #26 - Santa Flying in Helicopter to an Offshore Oil Platform
Pilot Santa flies his helicopter to an offshore oil drilling platform during a full moon

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"Santa's Coming" Series Christmas Greeting Cards Featured Themes, Scenes and Motifs of American Holiday Lifestyle, Tradition and Joy from Sea to Shining Sea.