Santa Takes a Moment to Enjoy a Taste of Wine!

Santa Takes a Moment to Enjoy a Taste of Wine!

Connoisseur Santa in Vintners champagne racking and bottle turning cellar testing and tasting the "Bubbly" for the Holiday Season. The champagne is served in a flute (special glass) and the unfinished champagne bottle saved in an ice bucket. The cave on this painting that Santa is visiting is very clean, champagne racks are immaculate, the color scheme of this art illustration is very California and Santa looks very happy. Is it the good harvest, the tasty "Bubbly" or...?

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France and must follow the rules that demand second fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create carbonation. The mysterious circumstances during the 18th century about the then unknown process and effects of fermentation and carbonic gases caused some critics to call the sparkling wine "The Devils Wine". Dom Perignon was initially ordered to get rid of the bubbles since the fermentation process in the bottle caused the bottle to explode in the cellar. Champagne first gained class distinction of its association with the French kings, royalty throughout Europe spread the message of the unique sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France and it's association with luxury and power. Leading champagne vintners created history and identity for champagne associating themselves with royalty and nobility, their efforts coincide with the emergence of a middle class that was looking for way's to spend it's money on symbols of upward mobility. Champagne has been an integral part of sport celebrations such as Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, 24 hours of Le Mans, America's cup, Tour d'France and other special events such as Presidential inaugurations, anniversary's. Got Milk ? Among others, "Historic High Society Champagnes" are Laurent-Perrier, Dom Perignon by Moet & Chandon, Luis Roederers Cristal, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Perrier -Jouet. Some excellent sparkling wines are Schramsberg (California), Mondavi (California), Roederer (California/French) Domain Carneros (California). In vino veritas, salute!

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