Surf is UP and Santa Catches the Maverick Wave!

Surf is UP and Santa Catches the Maverick Wave!

Surf surfer Santa goes surfing on "the Big One the Maverick of Northern California" after the surf was up in Malibu, La Jolla San Diego and "Surf City USA" Huntington Beach , California.

Surfing is a surface water sport in which the rider, referred to as a “surfer”, rides on the forward face of a wave, which is most often carrying the surfer towards the shore, coast. Waves suitable for surfing are primarily found in the sea and ocean shorelines, but can be found in some lakes and rivers (Columbia River, Oregon). Surfing can be done in man made sources such as wave pools (cruise ships) and boat waves. The oldest form of surfing is body surfing - that is the act of surfing without a board. Modern day surfing definition is when a surfer rides a wave standing on a surfboard called "stand up surfing". Towing in surfing is when a motorized water vehicle (watercraft, boat) takes the surfer into the wave front - this is associated with big wave surfing. Famous surfing locations are: "Mavericks wave" (San Mateo San Jose counties and Santa Cruz) Northern California. "The Pipeline" (Oahu Hawaii); Arugam Bay (Sri Lanka); Bells and Bondi beaches, Australia; "Jeffrey's Bay" in South Africa; Great locations for "surfing USA" are : Ocean City, Atlantic City New Jersey; Smyrna Florida; Montauck New York, Kill Devil Hills, Cape Hatteras in North Carolina; Malibu, Santa Monica in California; San Clemente, San Diego in Southern California; Paia north shore of Oahu Hawaii; Encinitas/La Jolla Ocean Beach San Diego in California; Haleiwa Honolulu in Hawaii; Billabong Beach, St Augustine in Florida; Seven Mile Miracle on Oahu in Hawaii.

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Card #17 -- Surfing the Maverick Wave

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