Santa Sighted in Giant Sequoia Forest!

Santa Sighted in Giant Sequoia Forest!

Santa sleds out of the peaceful tranquil Giant Sequoias, the home of the oldest living Tree. From the frosty forest into the warming golden Christmas morning sun of the 49er gold country sled packed with gifts losing one or two.

The Sequoias native habitat is only the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in central eastern California. From the General Shermann tree to the Giant Forest Museum Sequoia US National Park showcases the beauty and history or the Giant Sequoias as nowhere else on earth. California is known for its GIANT big trees and every year people from all over the world come to visit, see and admire these towering Giants. For some people the Giant Redwood trees and monumental Sequoia trees are considered the same. They do share the same Cinnamon colored bark and both grow to awe inspiring heights TALLEST vs LARGEST The Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world (up to 378 feet tall) and can weigh up to 1.6 million pounds, Sequoias grow up to "ONLY" 311 feet but can weigh to 2.7 million pounds. Book and stay (like Santa does) at the WUKSACHI Lodge Sequoia National Park, 10 minutes from the General Sherman tree, the largest Sequoia in the world and the largest living organism on the planet.

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"Santa's Coming" Card Collection
Card #11 -- Santa in the Giant Sequoias

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