Santa Sighted Under Golden Gate Bridge!

Santa Sighted Under Golden Gate Bridge!

On a diet - sexy weight watching Santa is sail sledding in full moon Christmas Holiday night past the Golden Gate Bridge to visit San Francisco to spread Season's Greetings and Gifts. This card was especially created entering the 21st century, the concept of modern art and abstract painting led to the "redesign" of the Golden Gate Bridge, a slim sporty Santa and racy reindeer and reflect the SF Bay Area's success and liberal activism.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate as part of United States Route 101 (short "US101", shorter "101") and the California State Highway Route 1. The Superstructure links the City of San Francisco on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County and to the Redwood National Forests, Napa, Sonoma and Alexander Valley wine country. The bridge is one of the most recognized symbols of the city of San Francisco, California and the United States of America. It has been declared as one of the modern wonders of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. National and International travel guides consider the Golden Gate Bridge the most beautiful, the most photographed bridge in the World.

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Card #23 -- Santa Sails Under the Golden Gate Bridge

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